Clay Pen Blanks

Handmade polymer clay blanks are made with 1 slice of clay cane at a time. Each flower, leaf, butterfly or bug is cut one by one by hand and eye and placed onto a lightly covered brass tube and slowly worked in to become a beautiful flat surface for you to finish.

I only use high quality brands of clay including Premo, Souffle or Kato and my blanks are then baked (cured) for no less than 45 minutes to ensure you are receiving a quality product.

Each polymer clay pen blank will be unique as placement of cane work is never the same as another. All blanks here on my website are made to order, the pictures you see are blanks I can re-create with the same cane work, they may vary slightly from the original as no two will be exactly the same.

Please allow up to 1 week for creation and to be shipped out. I ship every Monday around noon central time.

For blanks that are ready made or for international customers please check out my selection of blanks on Exotic Blanks website.

Ed & Dawn are fantastic folks and will be happy to help you with my ready made, ready to ship blanks.