Lemon Lime Butterfly Raw Clay Cane
Lemon Lime Butterfly Raw Clay Cane
Lemon Lime Butterfly Raw Clay Cane

Creative Canes by Mel

Lemon Lime Butterfly Raw Clay Cane

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This color did not want to photograph well, it reminds me of lemon lime (yellow & green).

This listing is for 1 raw/unbaked polymer clay butterfly cane created by myself. This cane was made with Premo brand Polymer clay. The background is Premo White Translucent.

All canes are handmade and hand cut, there may be some slight variations in size.

Size is approximately 2 inches in length & approximately 1/2 inch across

Can be reduced to make smaller or cut in half and make several sizes for different projects.
Lots of slices from this cane.

Bake at 275 F (130 C) for 30 mins per 1/4 inch. (Do not Microwave)

Item will be packaged safely in a crush proof tube to prevent damage.

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I take my time with all my clay canes especially when packing and reducing each cane, it is so easy to distort your clay image by rushing the process and it truly shows by your lines in your cane. I only use Premo polymer clay so my canes are all the same in consistency.
Happy Crafting All!!

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Please Note: Every computer monitor is different, I try to capture all pieces as accurately as possible but the color may vary with different monitors.